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As we age, highly reactive species called free radicals are produced in the body. If not quenched, they affect body systems integrity and predispose them to infection, fatigue, cancer, inflammatory disease, cardiovascular disease, cataract, and organ (kidney disease, heart, liver, and brain) damage.

Naturally, the body has ways of quenching these radicals but the means may be overwhelmed necessitating the need to supplement these desirable nutrients. Supplements from the natural origin are safer than the synthetic form. 

There are plants with centuries of proven medicinal benefits and loaded with bioactive compounds effective for body and brain healthiness. Among them are Amla leaf, Elderberry leaf, Astragalus root, Oregano leaf, Ginger root, Moringa Leaf, and Garlic Bulb. 

The medicinal effects of the plants are:

Amla leaf

✓ Potent antioxidant (Vitamin C) 20% higher than that found in an equal weight of orange orange 

✓ Support the immune system. 

✓ it nourishes the skin and nail nourished 

Organic Elderberry leaf

✓ Strength the immune system and turn it into a powerhouse

✓ Rich in Antioxidant 

✓ provide immune system support

✓ provide urinary tract support 

✓ improve digestion 

Astragalus root Extract

✓ Boost energy 

✓ Support heart health

✓ Fortify Immune function

Oregano leaf extract 

✓ It has an aromatic, warming, and slightly bitter qualities

Ginger root

✓ it has gingerol - a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

✓ It prevents nausea from surgery, chemotherapy, and morning sickness 

✓ it helps in weight loss

✓ Can help with Osteoarthritis

✓ Lower blood sugar. Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) reduced by 10% for 12 weeks of use

✓ can treat chronic indigestion

✓ has comparative analgesic activity with NSAID in dysmenorrhea

✓ May prevent cancer 

Moringa leaf

✓ Rich in Antioxidant (Quercetin and Chlorogenic acid)

✓ may lower blood pressure

✓ Protect against arsenic toxicity

Why Advance Immune Support?

 Our product is considered better than the leading competitor brand due to the following:

✓ it contains all the benefits of these plants in one capsule. 

✓ It has a 7 in 1 immunity blend. Harmful infection won't stand a chance 

✓ it is produced in a hygienic environment with good manufacturing practices. 

✓ it's is 100% natural 

✓ it prides itself in its ability to purify your system 

Dosage: 1 capsule three times daily 

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or health condition. 

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